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“Humiliation is inevitable. Painful. And if one has the strength to bare it, very useful.”  ~Robert Fripp


The Show Must Go On…

Every band comes to a point of evolution – some come sooner than others. As of yesterday morning, “The Radical Legs” has decided to end his journey with JHRL and follow his personal artistic vision. Every artist owes it to themselves follow their heart – to do otherwise is damaging to ones soul and personal growth. Johnnie and I will soldier on and pursue the goals we set out to accomplish. Most likely the name of the band will change at some point but until then we will continue simply as JHRL. We wish Legs much success and head down our separate paths with love.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined. As you simplify your life, the laws of the universe will be simpler.”
~ Henry David Thoreau

Brooklyn Love

We just played the AfroPunk battle of the bands. We didn’t win. But, we definitely left our mark on the Big Apple!
Our goal for the trip was to leave with new fans and to make sure a new city knew our name. We can proudly say “Mission Accomplished!” so, overall it was a great trip. We’ve already begun planning to return in a few months as well attack a few more East Coast cities.

Not sure who took these photos but would love to give them proper credit for the great shots!

Also, we’d like to thank Justin Tyson for doing an incredible job on drums. We’d never met Justin prior to arriving in NYC. He rocked the show with one rehearsal and made it feel like we’d been playing with him all along. You kick ass bro!

The Soul Brother Show!!

We’re very excited and blessed to be featured on and interviewed by the awesome Mr. Chris on his internationally known podcast
“The Soul Brother Show”

The Soul Brother Show

We’re featured on the internationally known Soul Brother Show pod cast

We’re going to Brooklyn… we’re going to Brooklyn…(doing a happy dance)

An epic “THANK YOU!!” to everyone who voted and shared our FaceBook page for the Afro-Punk Festival Battle of the Bands!
We made the top 16 of the battle!!!! 🙂 It was incredibly stressful but very empowering at the same time. We actually beat the odds and pulled it off. We’re still in shock but it’s a good shock. The bands in the contest are SO fuckin’ dope! It’s really an honor to be amongst them. We’re gonna do our best to leave our mark in BK and within the legacy that is Afro-Punk!
Now we just have to figure out how to get the to other side of the country in a week! LOL!


Afro-Punk Festival Battle of The Bands finalist!!

JHRL: Johnnie Heartbreak & The Radical Legs in Silver Lake on 07/13/12

El Cid July 13th flyer


I’m on a bit of a high right now from our recording session today – actually from the sessions we’ve had over the past two weeks or so. We’ve been blessed with some incredibly talented and successful friends who have been willing to play with us and raise our sound to new heights. The past few recordings have included bassist Keith Eaddy (Macy Gray), bassist Greg Malone (Robin Thicke), drummer Brittany Brooks (Cee Lo Green, Kelis) and drummer Keenan “KGE Loko” Ephriam (Little Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Drake, Chris Brown, David Banner & T.I.). Today’s session with Keenan was mind blowing. After setting up the drums we had some technical problems with protools. As soon as everything was resolved, the engineer received a text that Mary J. Blige wanted our room so we’d have to cut our session short. At this point everyone was a little nervous that the day would be a total bust but we had two hours to try and make the best of the situation so we all just got our hustle on and made the best of it. Keenan came in having barely heard the songs and knocked them out within one or two takes. We managed to track drums (AMAZING drums) for four songs in two hours. I’m still beside myself and as happy as a five year old running down the stairs to pillage the Christmas tree. It will be truly a joy to share these songs once they are complete – which brings me to our engineers Quinn Messmer, Ben Cole and Ali Nikou – amazing individuals. Quinn Messmer has really helped us step up to a new level. He originally came to us simply as a mix engineer but his expertise, vision, creativity, dedication and passion for the project has rightfully earned him the position of producer.

We just wanted to convey our appreciation and gratitude to everyone involved. It’s very humbling that people of your caliber take time to play with us and share your talents with us. On behalf of JHRL I say Thank you to each and everyone of you. The journey is just beginning! 🙂

Aye Yo

Pioneers of the new Rock & Roll: Hip Hop

The mid-1970’s gave birth to a new species of Rock & Roll. It’s name was… Hip Hop.

Here are it’s pioneers and key innovators.

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