The Buzz

“I love these songggggggggggs… I love how grimy, sexy and almost filthy the tracks are…. I LOVED ‘Hustle On’… super sexy track! I shall be adding these to my iPod. Yes, they made the cut!”

~ Cherie Jones – St. Louis, MO

“just hearing the music – it’s good and refreshing”

~ Allen Hurtt – San Francisco, CA / Singapore

“…I don’t know who I’d compare it to but they have a kind of throwback sound that I dig”

~ Albert Mata – Arleta, CA

“I really like ‘Shotgun’! It’s like Vanity 6 meets The Gorillas..”

~ Marty Markham – Portland, OR

“I totally dig it! I love the vocals and I dig the mood of it too. Kind of has an 80’s feel to it. I love me some old school Prince and whatnot so I like that. If you’ve listened to Carina Round or Puscifer at all? Kind of a similar feel”

~ Tara Beckmann – St. Louis, MO

“…super infectious.  The music is awesome, your group is awesome…. Sounds like the lead singer is channeling Siouxsie and the Banshees”

~ Greg Mason – Columbia, MD

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