Brooklyn Love

We just played the AfroPunk battle of the bands. We didn’t win. But, we definitely left our mark on the Big Apple!
Our goal for the trip was to leave with new fans and to make sure a new city knew our name. We can proudly say “Mission Accomplished!” so, overall it was a great trip. We’ve already begun planning to return in a few months as well attack a few more East Coast cities.

Not sure who took these photos but would love to give them proper credit for the great shots!

Also, we’d like to thank Justin Tyson for doing an incredible job on drums. We’d never met Justin prior to arriving in NYC. He rocked the show with one rehearsal and made it feel like we’d been playing with him all along. You kick ass bro!

The Soul Brother Show!!

We’re very excited and blessed to be featured on and interviewed by the awesome Mr. Chris on his internationally known podcast
“The Soul Brother Show”

The Soul Brother Show

We’re featured on the internationally known Soul Brother Show pod cast

JHRL: Johnnie Heartbreak & The Radical Legs in Silver Lake on 07/13/12

El Cid July 13th flyer

JHRL: The Rainbow Room on 4/15/12

Tonight was crazy! Hands down the best night and best show we’ve ever had. The room was packed, the crowd was hyped and we rocked! A lot of potentially great things arose from tonights show. Only time will tell but things are certainly looking up! 🙂

Rainbow 40th