Catalyst of Rock & Roll

With out these individuals Elvis Presley, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Led Zepplin, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix would not exist as we know them. They are the unsung catalyst of rock music.

Who Knew!!??

So cool!

Most bands go through a few line-up changes here and there…
Who’s the guy with the afro, you ask? That’s Chris “Congo” Campbell the 2nd drummer of JUDAS PRIEST, Al Atkins years, pre-Halford

A Night with BlasterMaster Productions

We’re heading up to the Hollywood Hills for a recording session with BlasterMaster Productions. This will be our first full on live band recording. Time to get LOUD!!! 🙂

Cee Lo Green!!

We went to see our drummer Brittany Brooks perform with Scarlet Fever at The Whiskey. They played a set of cover songs and closed out the night with Cee Lo’s hit “Fuck You”. Mid way through the song Cee Lo jumps on stage!!! It was a pretty damn awesome surprise! 🙂 Also in the audience was the Goodie Mob and Kellis! What a hot night!

JHRL: The Rainbow Room on 4/15/12

Tonight was crazy! Hands down the best night and best show we’ve ever had. The room was packed, the crowd was hyped and we rocked! A lot of potentially great things arose from tonights show. Only time will tell but things are certainly looking up! 🙂

Rainbow 40th

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