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  1. G August 23, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    Yo, y’all are super legit (as I’m sure you already know). I sat and listened to your entire widget and I’m convinced lol. I got a band called the 513 Elevators and we’re playing a show Sept. 8th through Sharreace @ SolShock and that’s who put me on to y’all. She wants us to do a show together and I AM CERTAIN it would the shit. We have a residency in Hermosa Beach at a spot called Suzy’s Bar & Grille. We play there again Fri Sept 28th and y’all should come check it out. If you like the vibe, y’all can come down and rock with us on one of our upcoming monthly shows. We work it so that you get the funds from whoever you bring to the spot, so that’s also a draw. Anyway, we can talk more if y’all are interested. Just hit us back at that email provided or even hit up Sharreace cuz like I said, she’s the link! Aight y’all, best of luck. Y’all are DOOOOOOOOOPE and I wish you nothin’ but success and progress.

    Peace ‘n soul grease


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